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Creative content, copywriting, and digital marketing for AI-powered podcast app Entale. Weekly newsletters (Mailchimp) and announcements, app notifications, social media management (FB, LinkedIn, Instagram), animated content for IG and Tiktok (AfterEffects, Photoshop Sketch), and the curation of in-app "Collections" feature for daily users. Introduction of Community management through the creation of Tiktok channel and Discord server.

Writing and storyboarding the central "Create" and "Share" video assets and working alongside the graphic designer to promote the new "Collections" feature - videos in various formatting (short, long, 9x16)

Creating assets for IG and social media; announcing new app features and collections, using Adobe Sketch, Pexels, and AfterEffects 

Asides from creating and featuring an evergreen group of podcast "Collections", I also created social media assets for timely Collections, such as the K-Pop Collection for the release of "Butter" by BTS. This would be repurposed for newsletters, IG stories, and Tiktok (see above).

Some examples of social media management across Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Tiktok, adapting to different audience demographics

(I got also got my cat Luna involved in the fun too!) >>>

Collection Highlight 1 vfinal.png

An example of a graphic I created for the newsletter centered around the BAFTA Awards. I compiled the shows, episodes, links, and audio snippets relating to key moments of the award ceremony and included some standout episodes.

I also created mockups of "Collections" (in Adobe Sketch) by various podcasters, influencers, and magazines as part of influencer outreach. In order to encourage people and groups to create their own Entale accounts, it was important to showcase their potential profile and how it could be used to socialise, network, and enrich their podcasting experience.

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