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February 2020

I’ve returned from what feels like something of a hiatus. Lately, I’ve taken some time off for the sake of my mental health, and meanwhile I’ve been working on brand work and social media content. I’ve been writing at a more languorous pace – but not for much longer as I’m now a regular contributor to Bobblehaus. Here is my latest for them; a love letter to the incredible band of my adolescence, My Chemical Romance. You can read it here.

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Also this month, I had the absolute pleasure of speaking at my first ever brunch and learn panel for thy.self and Pinterest UK at Mortimer House. It was a humbling experience getting to speak alongside such inspirational women of colour. I got to chat all about my experience as a WoC navigating the beauty industry, in addition to discussing my greatest influences, the ins and outs of content creation and the art of negotiation as a freelancer. Thank you Chloé Pierre for having me on board!

Image courtesy of @thy.self


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