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For Dazed‘s Beauty section, I was asked to sum up ten iconic nail looks from the history of cinema. It was a ridiculously hard task. But I’ve produced this neat listicle, which includes the likes of Cher Horowitz, Morticia Addams, and Kathryn Merteuil. If it helps in any way to inspire your next manicure, I’d be elated.

I’ve written for Dazed twice this month. I interviewed Iris Diane Palma of New York’s boutique ‘The Break’ to discuss her Instagram page @label.stable, which collates funky and retro vintage labels from old clothes. In addition to being a great source of amusement, buying second-hand is a great push for sustainability, so you can shop easy knowing that you’re contributing less to landfills. You can read it here.

Image from @label.stable

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